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Why Organic Botanical Flower Teas

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Did you know:

Mostly all store bought teas are made with herbs that are sprayed with toxic pesticides that make us sick. Big farming corporations use chemicals like roundup that hold something called glyphosate within it's chemical compounds. Glyphosate has been proven to be a monumental factor in the cause of diseases in our bodies such as cancer and parkinson’s disease.

Luckily (because of mass lawsuits) glyphosate is now being taken out of home use round up. Unfortunately, it is still being used on mass crop productions. This means that big farm corporations are still using pesticides that contain glyphosate on all herbs, foods, and flowers produced that are not organically grown.

Almost anything you buy from the store that isn’t organic is sprayed with round up from big farm corporations.

Community is such a bright source of abundance and it’s always best to try & shop local & organic if you can!

Health is wealth and 95% of your serotonin is made in the gut! They say your gut is your second brain!

What We offer at Botanical Blessings::

Hand-blended botanical teas intentionally crafted for medicinal and healing purposes.

Eco-friendly & biodegradable lose leaf bags filled with all organic herbs and an array of healing flowers.

Tea strainers available for purchase, as well as empty biodegradable tea bags.

Individually filled Tea bags (biodegradable).

Tea bags each come with unique handwritten and original uplifting quotes.

Healing Hibiscus blend (currently available)

Our House Healing Hibiscus blend was specifically crafted to heal the throat chakra, to foster healing within the body, to combat sickness, and to taste sweet hibiscus magic.

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