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Alicia Mahon: "I have Psoriasis so badly I have to give myself shots for it daily. The Liquid Love Facial Oil hydrates my face on a deep and purifying level. The Calming Calendula Salve eases my pain and dry sockets more than anything else."

Cindy Slade: "I've had a dry spot on my eye and one on my nose for a while and nothing would ease or soothe the pain it caused. I use the Liquid Love Facial Oil every night before bed and no more dry spots! I love this oil!"

Megan Keefe: "The Healing Hibiscus Tea is the best tea I've ever had and it makes me feel yummy and warm inside."

Madison Wilson: “The Liquid Love face oil eased my nieces eczema after bath time and helped them when nothing else would. I am so thankful for this oil, it’s amazing!”

Bella Delarosa: “I need more of the Liquid Love face oil, I can’t get enough!”

Cassidy Whitman: “I am obsessed with how hydrating the Tinted Lip Balms are and how velvety it makes my lips feel”

Amber Savannah: “My Daughter has severe Eczema to the point of where her body and face break out in red rashes. The Liquid Love Facial oil is the ONLY thing we’ve found that is natural enough to heal her face breakouts. We’ve been to countless doctors, tried several lotions and creams (even steroid creams) and there was nothing we could find that was natural enough to put on her face. I’m so thankful for Botanical Blessings and this miracle product!”

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