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Ego vs Awareness

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

YOU. What are you? Who are you? The term YOU is loaded when you really think about it...

We believe about ourselves what others have told us about ourselves our whole lives.

Since we were born, we have heard people tell us attributes about who we are like: “She is so smart, she’s going to be President one day” Or “He is going to be a heartbreaker”.

The world around us has labeled us before we can even understand what’s really going on around us.

Self-fulfilling prophecy is when we tell children what they are instead of guiding them to finding out who they are.

When a child misbehaves we say “You’re so bad”.

When they do well in school, we praise them, “You’re so good”.

We condition children to act in certain ways without even realizing it.

This is what happens in the school to prison pipeline.

We send children to the office for misbehaving in class.

Those children began to believe they are “bad” because that’s what they are told all the time from everyone around them.

When you tell someone they are “bad” over and over, they start to tell themselves that.

When someone tells themselves they are “bad”, then they mirror that and act it out in reality.

This leads to an increase in crime, and violence, confusion, and hardship.

Children are like sponges and the things we say stick to them.

The things our parents said may have stuck to us.

We have eventually all become what we have always believed about ourselves; in both positive and negative ways.

We have become what we have always been told about who we are.

We act out what we have been told about who we are, because, it’s what we have been telling ourselves about who we are.

What if I told you that you are not who you think you are, but you are so much more.

Identity may be shaped for us as we grow up, but we also have the power to shape our own identity.

We are made up of mind, Ego, our thoughts, the voice in our heads always talking, always making us question things, always overthinking.

We are made of body and bone.

We have ancestoral trauma that lives deep inside of us.

We have childhood trauma that’s been passed down to us.

We have strength and willpower, intuition, and a beautiful collaboration of DNA that is just cohesive enough with the Earth to provide Lifeforce energy and pranayama within us.

We are made up of Spirit, and of inner truth. We are blessed with wisdom and Higher Consciousness.

Human Nature is emotion, love, courage, sacrifice, and the pendulum of rising and falling into the swing of positive and negative momentum’s.

The Earth holds magnetic energy that we are pulled with.

The moon pulls the tides and we are made of water.

We are each born on the exact day we are meant to, aligning with the Earth in our own unique way.

We hold astrological and Earth energy that pulls us individually in many directions, but which also ignites the connection we feel to those all around us.

We are connected to the Earth in a way that we have lost touch with.

If we are able to take a step back and come to the conclusion that we are the awareness of the thinking mind, we become free.

Whatever positive or negative attachments of “who you are” Ego has fogged upon your lens of life comes from a survival mode perspective.

Ego is formed through experience, and is there to protect us. Ego is human nature. Ego is emotion.

Ego is not all bad, it is what drives our empathy, it is what allows us to have confidence and connection.

Ego is part of the human experience, and it is necessary.

You are not however, controlled by Ego, or your thoughts/emotions.

You are the awareness of your thoughts and emotions.

Someone once told me that depression is the mind stuck in the past, and anxiety is the mind stuck in the future, and it makes sense.

Our bodies react in certain ways when our emotions send our brain signals of survival mode.

This can look like defensiveness, social anxiety, spacing out, overthinking and analyzing every interaction.

This can take away from our sense of Spirit and can drag us into the depths of over criticizing ourselves, all based off of made up thoughts our own mind is forming.

The more we can catch our thoughts and observe our mind when we begin to do this, the more we become aware of Ego.

Once we become more aware of and in tune with Ego and our thinking mind, the more we begin to observe it rather than react with it.

Once we are able to observe the thinking mind and no longer react to it, the more self control, grace, and compassion we will have.

This enables us with the centeredness and inner power to walk away from situations that do not serve us without bother, and without a need to react, defend, fight, retaliate, or praise.

We become more in tune with our bodies, our spirit, and our own needs.

When we shift into this higher level thinking and awareness, we notice our senses more, we become more entranced by nature and more aligned in our chakras.

When the energy pathways in our bodies become more aligned, we are able to sit in the awareness of the present moment with peace, we are able to simply be.

When we are able to sit in awareness rather than Ego, we begin to watch the thoughts pass, and truly let them go, accepting them, and releasing them.

We understand what our inner child needs to heal and we begin let the wound be the entryway to Love.

Our Ego becomes an anchor that catches the thinking mind in past or future thoughts, in negative narratives, and bodily patterns.

We gain the knowledge and the inner power to overcome all darkness and let the Light guide us home to acceptance, and forgiveness without judgement.

We realize we are lifelong learners of our own selves.

This practice is of course constant work as we are all on our own individual journeys, realizations, and pathways to truth.

Constants are:

YOU are LOVE. YOU are Golden Light within.

YOU just are, here, existing.

Present. Being. Breathing.

We are all bodies, Ego(mind), and Spirit.

We are all connected.

The Universe flows in union with what we put out into the world.

We live in a mirrored reality.

The cosmic flow continues to dance, like a river, always flowing.

We all individually experience the happenings around us, each present moment, as we blossom in our own space and time; interwoven through connection.

Some of the keys to life are: trust in your flow with that around you, stay present in each moment, hold onto gratitude, serve without expectations, love without judgement, and always forgive.

Life is happening before us, not to us.

We are life itself.

We are the awareness behind our thoughts, not our thoughts.

Our thoughts are not truth.

We have the power to create our own destiny, to choose our own identity, and to act with grace through Love.

The Authentic Self is the Awareness of the thinking mind.

The Authentic Self accesses that part of our consciousness that allows us to take a step back and bare witness to thoughts, to bodily reactions, and encourages a greatness within to harness emotional outbreaks.

Step into the role of the observer in your minds eye and see what starts to shift.

Tell yourself you are living the life you wish to live and you will begin to see that mirrored in your reality.

You will begin to act it out.

Notice in your body how emotions, reactions, or thoughts make you physically FEEL a different way!

Practice becoming the awareness of the thinking mind constantly.

Try to attune to the awareness more than Ego; observing, catching, and questioning all thoughts.

This awareness allows us to become the highest versions of ourselves and helps us to fill our own cups so that we may pour unto others and serve in Love.

We are all empowered to heal our childhood, ancestral, and karmic traumas through these practices.

This attainment allows us to take a step back from the chaos and clutter of the thinking mind.

Give yourself the Love you would lend to a friend.

Give yourself grace.

Whenever you think badly of yourself, say the exact opposite of the negative thought -Even if you don’t believe it.

Simply changing your thoughts will change your life.

Book recommendations:

P. S. Check out the amazing @the.holistic.psychologist on Instagram

How to do the Work

by Nicole Lepra


Other book recommendations:

The Untethered soul -Michael Alan Singer

A New Earth -Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now -Eckhart Tolle

Women Who Run with the Wolves -Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Iron John: A book About Men -Robert Bly

Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda

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