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Herbal Tea Bath Soak

Herbal Tea Bath Soak

The Herbal Tea Bath Soak was crafted to fight colds, reduce aches and pains, heal wounds, lift bad moods and spirits, aid in anxiety and depression, rejuvinate skin, and soothe everything from irritated skin to hemorrhoids, etc.


Infused with:


Lavender: has always been known for its healing powers. Lavender calms nerves, is relaxing, is stress-reducing, is uplifting, reduces headaches, cleanses, and rejuvinates skin.


Chamomile: relieves pain, provides relief from insect bites, and relaxes the nervous system helping to calm an anxious mind.


Calendula: nourishes and softens skin, and is great for childrens baths for any sort of rashes or insect bites. Calendula is one of the best overall herbs for many skin irritations.


Lemon Balm: calms the mind and soothes restlessness. Lemon Balm relieves excessive nervousness, is rejuvinating, and helps to soothe away cranky emotions. Lemon Balm aids in allieviating menstrual cramps and is calming.


Peppermint: is delightful and uplifting, smells lovely, and cleanses the skin. Peppermint helps to open up nasal passages, and is rejuvinating.


Yarrow: is used for its astringent, healing and soothing the skin. Yarrow helps wounds heal and is a powerful antiseptic.


Sage: prevents stiff, sore muscles after a workout. Sage cleanses and stimulates blood circulation, closes pores, and retores elasticity. 


Jasmine: enhances your mood and refreshens your skin.

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